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About Us

Space&Profit is a merchandising & retail company based in Czech Republic with 11 years of experience.

Our philosophy is that we work for a maximum of 7 to 8 selected clients at a time. That is how we are able to achieve the clients full satisfaction. Furthermore, we pride ourselves to be a family company passing the knowledge and heritage of one generation to another.

Check out some of our clients thanks to whom we have gained our experience

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Meet the Team

Karel Čapoun Senior

Founder & CEO

Martina Čapounová

Head of HR

Aloiz Markulík

Operation Manager Slovakia

Jindřich Pokorný

Head of POSM distribution

Petra Jeřábková

Operation Manager Czech Republic

Jana Tycová

Head of Accounting

Karel Čapoun Junior

Head of Finance

... And nearly another 1000 of us!

Space&Profit Services

Merchendising and Retail Services

We offer 3 basic types of merchendising depending on the wishes of our clients


‐        Traditional Basic Merchandising service

‐        Extended Merchandising service

‐        Retail Full Service.


Most of our clients evetually decided to move from the traditional Basic Merchendising to a more sophisticated level of services because of their acknowledgement that by doing so they will perform better on the market and significantly reduce all costs.


We take full responsibility and contractually guarantee long term achievement of distribution & sales plans. In order to be able to guarantee the KPI’s set, we only work for a limited amount of customers. (maximum of 7-8) Our aim has never been to have the largest company on the market and oversell the biggest amount of MD hours.


By our coverage of both Czech and Slovak Market, the ability to keep the maximum distribution, amount of correctly executed activites and modern reporting system StoreData, we become a strong partner of all our clients.







  • Coverage - 3200 stores in ČR for Ferrero

  • Distribution growth - 14% during 9 months time – Ferrero   

  • Extra secondary positions - over 4446 in ČR & 3115 in SR in Dec. 2014 - Intersnack

  • Stores covered 7 days a week – Intersnack

  • Long term distribution around 99% - Intersnack, Brown Forman, Hamé, Hipp…

  • Listed Portfolio of products we control and monitor – 450 – Hamé

  • Growth of sales L.Y. 11% - Hamé at Tesco

  • Growth of sales L.Y. 31% - Hipp at Tesco

  • Example of reported criteria for Ferrero from every single store – OOS Before, OOS after, prices of all products, secondary placement store location, type & range, whole sales bonus criteria, POSM installation, photos illustrating reported criteria, GPS location of any employee and distance from the store at a time of a visit, reclaim procedure documents... all online through StoreData information system

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Storedata & Market Overview

1.    On stock availability before service

2.    On stock availability after service

3.    Orders

4.    Price monitoring

5.    Shelf shares

6.    POS materials share

7.    Promotion

8.    Instore marketing activities

9.    Secondary placement

10.  Extra SP

11.  Deliveries

12.  Delisted Items

13.  OOS category

14.  POSM Installation

15.  Planogram resets

Space & Profit is the exclusive provider of StoreData licence and demonstrates how any retailer, manufacturer or a field marketing company can benefit from using such a modern information system.

StoreData is a system of automatic management of retail quality.

It sends you alerts about low compliance of your plans and enables promt local or central troubleshooting.

Over the years, StoreData has been respected as a trustworthy source of reliable information being used not only by the manufacturers but also by Ahold, Makro, Tesco and other chains.


STOREDATA gives you complete overview of 15 criteria describing your store situation and allows you to immediately manage your sales performance, your market position and the future of your business. Everything online.



In-Store Marketing

Our most common In-store marketing services include sampling, tasting and promo events. Aim of all of these can be primarly oriented at:

Increasing sales


Market Reaserch

Combination of any of the above


By our hostess In-store marketing services we have successfuly maneged to build brand names of our clients

It is our strong belief that it was due to the exact goals specification in the preparation process and the carefully picked concept of the given promotion which we created with the client. What we see as our main source of succes is the ability to consitently and objectivily measure the results of every single promotion event. With the use of our system Storedata based on which we are able to do online analysis of every event, we are able to report to the customer straight away and make changes along the way by looking at the progress of each event.



Some reference numbers to illustrate the range of services

  • Wrigley ČR & SR – launch of Skittles in 2010. 2 years later Skittles beat Mentos with 11% of the market share during second phase of Skittles samplings done by Space & Profit teams.

  • Wrigley – sales oriented sampling supporting launch of M&M's, Five, Orbit for Kids. Design of promo concept and in-store promotion.

  • Coty ČR & SR - Sales oriented at Christmas store events in December 2008, 2009 & 2010 with 1199 days at 130 stores in ČR and 130 days at 49 stores in SR

  • Intersnack ČR - In order to support new products launches and fix brands positions during 2009–2013 we organised 382 tasting events every month on average.

  • Makro – exclusive partner for holding all Makro in-store promo – Makro Friday Sales Oriented Sampling & Tasting activities for Horeca manufacturers

  • Other clients: Tesco, Electrolux, Mio, Nivea…

POS Installation + Storage

Space & Profit has modified modern logistics and IT processes to meet current retail needs to assure complete In-store marketing communication via POS materials. Our complete care of your POS materials includes:


  • Storege of POS materials and stock evidence

  • In-time distribution

  • Installation to reach marketing standards and installation compliance

  • Online reports keeping our customers well informed about the installation compliance

  • StoreData providing photos of the final installation process from each store



Some reference numbers to illustrate the range of services


  • Loreal -stock keeping and evidence of more than 850 pallets of various POS materials, coverage of 1200 stores to install or upgrade module stands or to update these stands according to the hottest marketing campaigns

  • JTI – we successfully reached 94% Instalation compliance during the first year of our cooperation in 2011. 3 years later in 2014 it was 98,9%. The typical campaign meant to install 12.000 POSM items in 1400 stores in 1 single week. Total ČR coverage - over 7.500 POS such as kiosks, petrol station plus independent stores.

  • POS Media – volume in Nov. 2011 - coverage of 987 different stores, 26 600 POSM items installed in 27 working days during one month time, field team represented by 9 RM a 87 local specialists, 12 different distribution waves in a month, 46 local warehouses used, 69 580 photographs sent to a special server

  • Ferrero - stock keeping and evidence of more than 160 pallets of POS materials, installations at 3200 stores to refresh standard POS materials or update hot POS materials to keep each store in line with running marketing campaigns

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Product Distribution

Working for market leaders we have learned the best practices of successful distributors. Space&Profit team is well trained, experienced and equipped with modern communication technologies. And we have outstanding information system StoreData showing orders from 3200 stores in CR a 1200 stores in SR. And our own success when serving other distributors during the last 12 years has encouraged us to become independent distributor and represent progressive selected manufacturers in CR & SR since 2016.


Space and profit has profiled as a reliable partner of retailers in CR and SR duinring the long zears every day communitcation at local or central level. Providing retailers with special hard skills training or categorz analisis, market research or new store concepts. Space and profit is well rated at KAchains.

List of our successful projects and services provided to retailers



  • AHOLD SMART team - pilot research, project design, execution of CAT-MAN plans at 300 Ahold stores with different layouts and shelf dimensions. As well as: reporting planogram compliance online by the team of 245 full time employees, complete responsibility for in-time planograms and category resets going hand in hand with starting new marketing compaigns, new item launches, online corrections of the shelf-planners at the central date system of Ahold and every day communication with shelf-planning dpt. Including communication with the most of the distributors covering the whole project costs. / Key project results: – 3,6% margin growth, PLB growth of 8%, logistic costs reduction, over 15% volume growth of selected categories, store organisation improvement, shoppers loyalty growth as well as Ahold employees effectivity and their growing focus on shoppers

  • AHOLD – Remodelling of hypermarkets by a team of 30 well trained specialists

  • HyperAlbert Chodov – Store opening - preparation, planograms and other cat-man executions. As well as replenishment of goods during peak days and nights of the first 3 months with more than 10.000 paying shoppers a day

  • CBA CR – design and introduction of the basic CATMAN processes at the level of the wholesale processes and planning

  • CBA CR – pilot project design for 5 selected stores: store effectiveness research before any change, forecast of the local sales capacity depending on the whole range of regional factors and competition activities, design of the new store concept and store standards settings, stores remodelling and implementation of the new concept, sales and store efficiency monitoring after changes

  • KAUFLAND – leaflet efficiency monitoring, geographic targeting analysis, shopper groups evaluation according to travelling distances and leaflets impact on activation of the groups, reporting to the central Kaufland headquarters in Germany within 24 hours

  • TESCO, AHOLD – distribution and installation of POS materials according to promo plans of all distributors – external representation of the contractual partner

  • MAKRO – exclusive supplier of instore marketing and hostess activities  – 5 years of cooperation

  • TESCO – exclusive supplier of instore marketing and hostess activities – 6 months of cooperation

  • AHOLD – monitoring of leaflet distribution quality – external representation of the contractual partner

  • T- MOBILE - initiation of the new merchendising concept, analysis of the original store concept efficiency, examples of different concepts used abroad, evaluation of shopper oriented merchandising concept and its advantages at the current East European market as a partner of marketing agency

  • Electro chains SR – analysis of audio category – HW plus services

  • COOP TERNO – category placement analysis and pilot category remodelling at 3 stores.

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Some reference numbers to illustrate the range of services

Contact Us

Czech Republic


Na padesátém 1024/37

Praha 10

100 00

Czech Republic

TEL + 420 725 486 080 


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